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Feb 22, 2014 3 Min Read

Semifinalists for the Echoing Green Fellowship

As an unregistered organization without a website, our project made it to the Semifinalist round of the Echoing Green Climate Fellowship Competition. (See all the semifinalists here). One month down the line, we are feeling a lot more confident as an organization, and have changed our name to “Kijani” (which means “green” in Kiswahili).

Our concept has developed, our website is being built, and we have an operational team structure that splits our global members into five teams: funding, promotion, community, forestation and management.

With the next application due on March 3rd, we are in the process of further consolidating our mission and defining key elements of our organization. This process will involve a trip to Marmanet in Central Kenya – where we will be planting trees – with a surveyor from the Kenya Forest Services on February 25th. The aim of this trip is to identify the 100 hectares of degraded forest we will rehabilitate, as well as ensuring that there is a stable water supply and the relevant mapping of the site is underway.

We will also hold in-person meetings with Urs Dietrich, our team member from Yale (pursuing a Masters of Environmental Management at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies) who will be visiting Nairobi, Kenya from February 23rd to March 3rd for a conference with the UN Forests Working Group. We hope to gain some clarity concerning our strategies for planting the trees, and engaging the local community as we do this.

We are also registering our organization in Kenya.

For now, we appreciate your support as we work towards getting into the next round of Echoing Green Climate Fellowship competition. Finalists will be flown to New York for in-person interviews.

Watch this space!


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